Monday, October 8, 2012

Project assessment service - promoting project success

Business and IT leaders have been in a difficult situation for several years…and it is pure speculation to suggest that the challenging times are ending. No matter what happens in the broad economy, you will still be focused on making do with tight budgets and high performance expectations.

Many leaders I speak with remain concerned that project performance falls short of excellence. Late delivery and failure to meet user needs and expectations as well as budget overruns are common. Many believe that they are adequately staffed to lead their own projects, and yet problems still arise.

We at SIM Associates can offer assistance in this situation. Our project assessment service can help you answer questions like the following:

·         Is my project plan logically consistent, realistic and sound?

·         Are my resources (both business and IT participants) properly equipped to deliver what I need done?

·         Is proper commitment of resources (quantity, time allocation, work priority) in place to meet my goals?

·         Are my requirements sufficiently clear and specific to fully represent user needs and expectations?

·         Is my test plan robust and complete? Are necessary resources in place to execute and manage testing?

·         Is a workable and committed project governance structure in place?

·         Is my reporting to all interested audiences – users, business management, IT management, others - sufficiently detailed and specific to demand attention and drive necessary actions and decisions?

·         Is there a functioning change management process in place?

·         And the list goes on…

Project assessment is a service that can be invoked on a one time basis or periodically throughout a project’s execution to answer key questions such as those above, and to elicit recommendations to address gaps in your current execution.  As with all SIM Associates’ services, it is based on a sound process that is customized to align with your specific goals and needs. This is not a ‘canned’ package, but instead is one highly tailored to each engagement.

I would be pleased to explore your needs and our capabilities with you to help you achieve the project excellence you desire. Let’s talk at your convenience.
Bob Kotch

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